Freedom Riders

Download link: Freedom Riders.mp3

Freedom Riders is a story that has set a real precedent nationally and could not have been achieved without the persistance and inginuity that is uniquily Wyoming. With its vast and varied landscapes and people Wyoming can be felt and seen in through out the film. The personalities that came together to build trails on Teton Pass are dramatically different and don't see eye to eye, however they knew that they had to stick together to keep their passion alive. Freedom Riders is a film about these core bicyclists who evolved from covertly building rough & unsustainable trails to creating legal freeride trails approved by the USFS. Teton Pass is the first legal freeride trails system in the US...Freedom Riders.

Submitted by Gravnetic and KGB Productions, this short documentary was a finalist in the 2009 Wyoming Short Film Contest. To find out more about the contest, visit

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